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Cost effective and easily integrated into your fleet!

Expand your capacity with a printer optimized for fleet management. Drive high productivity with fast print speeds, along with workflow and cost efficiencies.

Sustain high productivity on speed, easy operation

  • Load rolls in one minute or less with the spindleless pivot table and automatic skew
  • Respond fast with quality—up to 248 ft²/hr indoor quality mode.
  • Run unattended —print 328-ft length SAV rolls with heavy roll support up to 121 lb
  • Balance production and distribute jobs across your HP Latex fleet with color emulation capabilities

Get vivid color and consistent quality over time

  • Produce highly saturated prints with up to 50% more ink density, using vivid print modes.
  • Print colors right the first time with the i1 embedded spectrophotometer and HP Custom
    Substrate Profiling.
  • Consistent, day-one image quality over time— native 1200 dpi, user changes printheads, auto
    nozzle replacement.
  • Handle robust tiling applications with consistent colors to <= 2 dE2000 and +/-1 mm/m length

Manage your fleet easily and cost-effectively

  • Reduce expense with cost-effective 3-liter HP Latex ink cartridges that can be changed while the printer runs
  • Integrate this printer into your larger fleet management system with the HP printer internal development kit.
  • Control your fleet from afar—status beacon signals issues, HP Latex Mobile app provides remote monitoring.
  • Plan production in advance, optimize supplies usage, and save time—utilities predict how much ink is needed.

Additional information


HP Latex


Printer Only



Maximum Print Width


Media Type


Print Technologies


Standard Paper Rolls

1 Roll



Print speed
980 ft²/hr (91 m²/hr)- Max Speed (1-pass); 334 ft²/hr (31 m²/hr)- Outdoor High Speed (4-pass 4-color); 301 ft²/hr (28 m²/hr)- Outdoor Plus (4-pass); 248 ft²/hr (23 m²/hr)- Indoor Quality (6-pass); 151 ft²/hr (14 m²/hr)- Indoor High Quality (10-pass); 69 ft²/hr (6 m²/hr)- Backlits, Textiles, and Canvas (16-pass); 54 ft²/hr (5 m²/hr)- High Saturation Textiles (20-pass)
Print quality color (best)
Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Print technology
HP Latex Printing Technologies
Ink types
  • Water-based HP Latex Inks
Number of print cartridges
7 (black, cyan, light cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow, HP Latex Optimizer)
Print heads
  • 7 (2 cyan/black, 2 magenta/yellow, 1 light cyan/light magenta, 2 HP Latex Optimizer)
Print head nozzles
Print repeatability
Average ≤ 1 dE2000, 95% of colors ≤ 2 dE2000[1]
(The color variation inside a printed job has been measured at 10-pass mode on vinyl media within this limit: maximum color difference (95% of colors) <= 2 dE2000. Reflective measurements on a 943 color target under CIE standard illuminant D50, and according to the standard CIEDE2000 as per CIE Draft Standard DS 014-6/E:2012. 5% of colors may experience variations above 2 dE2000. Backlit substrates measured in transmission mode may yield different results.)


Finished output handling
  • Roll feed, take-up reel, wiper roller, automatic cutter (for vinyl, paper-based media, backlit polyester film)
Media types
  • Banners
  • self-adhesive vinyls
  • films
  • papers
  • wallcoverings
  • canvas
  • synthetics
  • fabrics
  • mesh
  • textiles[2]
Non-printable area (roll media)
0.2 x 0.2 x 0 x 0 in (without edge holders)
Roll maximum input
Media width, maximum
64 in
Roll maximum weight
121 lb (55 kg)
Roll external diameter
9.8 in (250 mm)
Media thickness
Up to 19.7 mil

Dimensions and weight

Minimum dimensions (W x D x H)
101 x 31 x 56 in (2560 x 792 x 1420 mm)
Package dimensions (W x D x H)
108 x 41 x 67 in (2750 x 1037 x 1689 mm)
551 lb (250 kg)

Environmental ranges

Operating temperature range
59 to 86ºF (15 to 30ºC)
Operating humidity range
20 to 80% RH (non-condensing)


Acoustic pressure emissions
59 dB(A) (operating), 39 dB(A) (idle), <15 dB(A) (sleep)
Acoustic power emissions (active, printing)
7.3 B(A) (operating), 5.4 B(A) (idle), <3.5 B(A) (sleep)


Print speed
4 kW (printing), 85 W (ready), <3 W (sleep)


Energy star certified
Environmental certification
  • WEEE
  • EPEAT Bronze
  • OSHA

What’s included

What’s in the box
  • HP Latex 570 Printer, printheads, maintenance cartridge, ink collector, output platen protector, printer stand, take-up reel, loading accessory, user maintenance kit, edge holders, wiper roller, beacon, quick reference guide, setup poster, documentation software, power cords
One-year limited hardware warranty



CZ677A HP 831 Cyan/Black Latex Printhead
CZ678A HP 831 Yellow/Magenta Latex Printhead
CZ679A HP 831 Light Magenta/Light Cyan Latex Printhead
CZ680A HP 831 Latex Optimizer Printhead

CZ681A HP 831 Latex Maintenance Cartridge

CZ682A HP 831A 775-ml Black Latex Ink Cartridge
CZ683A HP 831A 775-ml Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge
CZ684A HP 831A 775-ml Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge
CZ685A HP 831A 775-ml Yellow Latex Ink Cartridge
CZ686A HP 831A 775-ml Light Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge
CZ687A HP 831A 775-ml Light Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge
CZ706A HP 831 775-ml Latex Optimizer Ink Cartridge

G0Y79D HP 871A 3-liter Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y80D HP 871A 3-liter Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y81D HP 871A 3-liter Yellow Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y82D HP 871A 3-liter Black Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y83D HP 871A 3-liter Light Cyan Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y84D HP 871A 3-liter Light Magenta Latex Ink Cartridge
G0Y85A HP 871 3-liter Latex Optimizer Cartridge

G0Y99A HP 871 Latex Printhead Cleaning Kit


2LY32A HP Latex 500 Media Lifter
F0M59A HP Latex User Maintenance Kit
F0M63A HP Series 300 Media Loading Accessory
F0M64A HP Series 300/500 Edge Holder Kit
T4E58B HP Latex Media Saver Kit
T7U73A HP Latex 500 Wiper Roller
T7U74A HP Series 300 Ink Collector Foam Kit